Rhob Cunningham, the man trading as Our Little Secrets, is someone to turn to for that peaceful, easy feeling, and much of the charm of his debut album comes from the fact that the Dubliner and pals aren't in too much of a rush to get anywhere.

With a voice to take the edge off the blackest of moods, some very nice guitar playing and refreshingly low-key guests appearances (among them Lisa Hannigan and Cathy Davey), this record will have some taking Cunningham's stage moniker far too seriously while others will want to spread the word about its comfort blanket qualities to as many as possible - deciding which is the only struggle here.

Having established his chillout credentials, Cunningham should now have the confidence to mix things up more next time. As the great, Hammond-driven boogie of closing track 'Mornin' Call' shows, he has nothing to fear and more to offer.

Harry Guerin