Like many before her and many more to come, Cathy Davey's rite of passage involved things not working out with a major label. But if the experience put a dent in her confidence it can't be heard on 'The Nameless'.

Self-released, self-produced and with Davey and Villagers' Conor O'Brien playing the majority of the instruments (there's help from a string section and her composer dad Shaun and a guest appearance from Neil Hannon), this is a deeper and more ambitious record than her previous work. While Davey does return to the slightly skewed pop of her 2004 and 2007 albums, the seductive, cinematic feel of the title opener and 'The Touch' and the stunning ballad 'Bad Weather' give the impression that she is outgrowing that style.

At 13 tracks, perhaps 'The Nameless' is three too long, but that's the only quibble about a collection that is as classy and thoughtful as its packaging.

Harry Guerin