The bittersweet taste that comes when a below-the-radar group heads for the big time will be in the mouths of many fans after hearing 'Infinite Arms', Band of Horses' lullaby and lament-filled third album.

While they've relocated from Seattle to South Carolina, this record brings to mind another state, California, and the Laurel Canyon magic it gave the world in the 1960s and 70s. The harmonies are superb and the gifts and sadness of everyday life which singer Ben Bridwell and his bandmates capture tugs at all the right places all the time.

Lovers of that guitars-in-a-big-room sound will heave the most satisfied of sighs, while the express riffing of 'NW Apt' and genius pop of 'Dilly' show a restlessness that's part of any outfit with a real sense of adventure. Let's see where it takes them and us.

Harry Guerin