For every five albums that make you despair at the two-singles-the-rest-filler state of pop music, there's another which reminds you that great things can still happen. And so it is with Sigur Rós frontman Jón 'Jónsi' Birgisson's new solo outing.

Packed full of wonder and giddiness, 'Go' is one of those records that you wish could make the jump onto mainstream daytime radio and give people the joy of saying 'Who/what was that?'. It's faster than Birgisson's Sigur Rós work but just as intricate and offers lots of possibilities for where the band can take their sound in the future. Fans of the slow set aren't left out, though, with 'Tornado' and 'Hengilás' the equals of any of the big weepies Birgisson has warbled on in the past.

There's lots of fun to be had making up your own lyrics, and even more in just humming along.

Harry Guerin