For some, the idea of Fionn Regan switching on electric guitars may have sounded more ominous than the music on Play TV, but there's no reason to expand the never-ending worry list: 'Shadow of an Empire' is just as good and lovable as his oh-so-quiet debut.

Where once the Wicklow man strummed, now he stomps and swaggers and throughout this album he proves that he has plenty of cause to do both.

As a singer Regan's vocals have become stronger and more confident, while his imagination as a storyteller has also been sharpened.

In the gorgeous 'Catacombs' there's a chorus that many will happily bury themselves in and the humour, poignancy and rough around the edges charms of its pals put this record in the best of good company.

He took his time making it, but there's not a minute wasted here.

Harry Guerin