Once it was a time-honoured tradition for a curious parent to stand at their offspring's bedroom door and ask them who they were listening to. Now the older listener gives the lesson and tells the younger one that what's playing sounds exactly like what they used to buy back in the day but with a different name.

The memories will come flooding back for those of a certain age with Delphic, a band in thrall to the guitar breaks, up-front bass and keyboard swirls of sections of the Factory Records back catalogue.

History is filled with 'new' music that people got very excited about in January and then struggled to remember by September, but Delphic could get a good run with a bit more imagination. While there's a lack of killer tracks at present, their dancefloor/gig crossover sound has a lot of potential.

The release offered by the epic title track gets better with every eight-minute encounter and closer 'Remain' shows how good they can be with a chorus. That's a lot more than some have behind the hype.

Album number two will tell the full story; judging by 'Accolyte's best bits it will be one worth hearing.

Harry Guerin