Turpin's dramatic mischief making on his 2008 debut 'The Sweet Used to Be' showed that he was worth keeping tabs on and had plenty of potential for leading listeners astray - in a good way. But rather than get too quirky and theatrical on 'Haunted!', he's spent more time boosting his pop cred - admirably contrary and when it works it really works.

While the idea of a lad from Sandymount indulging his R&B side is truly terrifying, 'The Bone Dance' and 'Dorothy Gale' would justify endless circles around the Green in a Golf with Subwoofer speakers. And those snobby about falling for such things should get the shivers from the beautiful 'Nightlights' and 'Polar Song', which are as beguiling as the best of 2009.

Even though that glue isn't as strong in other parts, waiting for what he does next will be tough.

Harry Guerin