A more accomplished and confident record than her debut 'Bleeding Love', 'Echo' is, however, aptly titled as it tells you very little about Lewis style-wise that you didn't know from 2007 already.

Her range as a singer is excellent, but there's an over-reliance on big ballads to showcase it and stripping down some of the songs would have brought out more in them and her. Instead of cramming everything onto the cover of Oasis' 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out', why not just have bass, drums, a piano and the vocals closer to the ground?

Only on the electro pop of 'Outta My Head' does Lewis really fall flat; the other uptempo tracks 'Love Letter' and 'Naked' show that she should give gritty rock or soul a go.

If you enjoyed 'Spirit', chances are you'll play 'Echo' a whole lot more.

Hopefully you'll also think that Lewis has no need to keep making it again and again. Get out on road, lady, rack up the gig miles and work with people who aren't always travelling in the one direction.

Harry Guerin