"You ever get to a point where you can't put your finger on it?" That line from the gorgeous 'None of the Above' sums up the charms of 8 Ball's second album - one of those rare records that's difficult to pigeonhole but works as good for smiles as it does for frowns.

While they were never in the running for the Fastest Follow-Up award (their debut came out in 2005), any prizes for Best Use of Imagination deserve to be theirs, and 'With All Your Friends' is worth all the 'Are they ever going to do anything again?' questions of the past few years.

Here you'll discover more layers and confidence and the excitement of hearing musicians having the guts not to make the same song in 11 different ways. Whether it's woozy jams or gooey moments, everything here clicks and everyone shines.

Week-in, week-out there's another avalanche of new records and good ones end up getting lost. This really is one to save from the pile. It's as catchy as it is quirky and as cuddly as the cartoon characters on the back cover.

Harry Guerin