Hockey’s ‘Mind Chaos’ arrives in the wake of plenty of buzz and it’s an album that doesn’t disappoint. Opener ‘Too Fake’ gets things off to a rip-roaring start and the pace is regularly cranked up over the next 11 tracks.

It’s an epic, exciting sound propelled by a driving bass, drums and beats section that allows Ben Grubin’s superbly versatile vocals and Brian White’s guitars to be supremely charismatic on top.

It’s not 100 miles-an-hour all the way through; ‘Four Holy Photos’ is an excellent piece of Dylanesque country while the somewhat slight final track ‘Everyone’s the Same Age’ is laid back to the point of horizontal. A much needed come down.

Generally - and particularly on 'Too Fake', ‘Song Away’, ‘Wanna Be Black’, ‘Preacher’ and ‘Put The Game Down’ - this is perfectly formed music from a band that seems capable of producing sensational songs at the drop of a hat.

A brilliant debut.

Brendan Cole