Listening to this record, you can imagine CODES coming up with a simple yet great pop song in their rehearsal room, then the four of them looking at each other and saying: "Nah, scrap it, not epic enough."

And that quest for the big sounds is the most striking thing about 'TreesDreamInAlgebra' - if keyboards, vocals and guitars going skywards are your thing, get ready to soar with them.

For a band that have only been together for two years, CODES get two very important things right: seeing their album as a complete experience and not just playlist highlights and making sure that each song is as meticulously constructed as the last.

As time and new inspirations work their way into the sound, it will be interesting to hear what direction they choose to go in - and how many they can take with them.

Right now, there are three tracks too many here and the feeling that the biggest challenge for them will be stripping things down and still making the same connection.

But if they've pushed themselves this far, this soon, there should be no fears about what comes next.

Harry Guerin