Geraghty's 2007 solo debut 'Kill Your Idols' has become a good friend to have for journeys home and nights in.

'The Victory Dance' will test your loyalties.

While it continues the laidback, 'man with things on his mind' vibe of its predecessor, Geraghty's voice has more soul to it this time and his arrangements are the successes of a man who's pushed himself to be a stronger songwriter - if many pencils were snapped and frustrated naps taken they've all been worth it.

These stories about the price of people knowing themselves and others have a poignancy that doesn't diminish no matter how long you get stuck on one of them (it happens plenty) and together make 'The Victory Dance' the perfect comedown from Geraghty's work with Bell X1.

It ends abruptly, and you're left wanting more. An all too rare thing.

Harry Guerin