Resurrected by some only during moments of 1990s nostalgia (and for a remix at that), Cornershop haven't released an album in seven years - a cult band deserving of the love and money given to far less interesting outfits.

'Judy Sucks a Lemon' could be the record to give them both, providing word of mouth and some well-placed songs on TV work their magic.

It has great harmonies and beats, thrillingly mixes pop and Eastern influences and if there's a song more glorious than opener 'Who Fingered Rock 'n' Roll' this year, then you'll more than likely find it here as well.

The cover of 'The Mighty Quinn' was unnecessary and the 16-minute closer, 'The Turned on Truth', best kept for encores, but the longer you listen to the rest of the tracks, the brighter they'll sparkle.

Big grins guaranteed.

Harry Guerin