It says much for the charms of The Laundry Shop that not even the never-ending exposure to one of their songs on a TV ad can lessen the enjoyment of their debut album - and you'll find better than 'Highs and Lows' on 'Grandstanding'.

While the trio's profile thus far has been built on that talent for mixing a big riff and chorus - there's plenty of it here - they are a far more interesting band when they slow things down.

On the ballads 'Terrified' and 'Taking Directions', frontman Steve Robinson shows greater depth as a songwriter, and with every listen to both the feeling grows that a more adventurous approach would bring out The Laundry Shop's best and give them some distance from the spirit of Rivers Cuomo, which hangs around a few parts of this record.

They're worth more than a pun involving 'The Sweater Song'.

Harry Guerin