Just like that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry buckles during the lie detector test and admits he watches 'Melrose Place', there must be death metal, hardcore and techno fans that couldn't beat the machine if asked had they hummed or drummed along to the music of Regina Spektor.

Having found over 1m people with time in their lives for her, her piano and debut album 'Begin to Hope', Spektor should show even more that resistance is futile with the best bits of 'Far'. A case in point is opener 'The Calculation', a wistful track with a see-saw melody that sounds destined to have some involvement with the cast of 'Grey's Anatomy' in a montage before too long - now just try and get it out of your head.

There's plenty more where that came from and Spektor shows that she can hit the sad keys with as much confidence as the happy ones. While there's a feeling that maybe she should've put the lid down here after 10 tracks, the sense of adventure on 'Dance Anthem of the 80s' suggests that she will have no fear in messing with people's expectations in the future and that this fine storyteller will have even better stories to tell.

Harry Guerin