Some records never lose their power to inspire giddy joy - De La Soul's '3 Feet High and Rising', Daft Punk's 'Discovery', Animal Collective's 'Pavillion Post Merriweather'. Now Passion Pit have offered up their own very special reasons to stay smiling.

This strange, fizzy brew of high pitched vocals, keyboards from 25 years ago, dancefloor come hithers and big choruses fills you with the desire to extol its mood-altering properties to others; it's very difficult to see even the pickiest not enjoying something here.

The cover is a non-event and there are no pictures of the band, as if they're saying 'It's all about the songs', and every one of them is crafted with the love and imagination of those determined to match the pop thrills they've got from others' music in their own.

If this album was piped into public places every morning some people would think about swinging out of lampposts and dancing through puddles. You might have to admit you'd be one of them.

Harry Guerin