Soon to have his music heard by millions in cinemas on the soundtrack to Peter Jackson's 'The Lovely Bones', Jon Hopkins was the co-producer of the biggest selling record of 2008, Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida', with a version of his track 'Light Through the Veins' appearing as the intro to opener 'Life in Technicolour'.

Hopkins' third album 'Insides' alternates between the soft and the scary, as he moves from piano to machines and back again.

There's a serious electro wallop from 'Vessel' and the title track, big drums magic on 'Wire' and exquisite tenderness on 'The Wilder Sun', 'Small Memory' and 'Light Through the Veins'.

The immediate and patience demanding are both here, with the desire to seek out Hopkins' previous work constant throughout.

And for those who think that he is at his best when embracing the traditional, there will be many others who will fall for this record's abrasive moments in a big way.

Harry Guerin