It's not often that the complimentary question 'Is this the same band?' comes to mind when listening to albums, but it happens here - a lot.

Three years on from their too polite debut, 'We Thrive on Big Cities', Director have made a huge jump from the mediocre to the memorable, and shown just how much a band can accomplish with a good dose of self-criticism.

Listen to a stream of the full album.

After toughening up their sound - and with a great production job from Smashing Pumpkins/Placebo producer Brad Wood - new depths to frontman Michael Moloney as a songwriter are revealed, and these suitably skewed takes on relationships have an urgency and consistency that was missing in 2006.

Whether full-on or caressing, the guitars, bass and drums are great, with Moloney's voice far more commanding than seemed possible the first time 'round.

And if you're someone who becomes fixated by certain tracks on albums and finds it hard to listen past them, then the closing epic, 'Can't Go Home', could prove very difficult to shake.

Harry Guerin