As The Roots said on the track 'Long Time': "It's something in the water where I come from." That's a sentiment which can cross the Atlantic from Philadelphia to Manchester and still have as much power when applied to Doves: another band with the mix of swagger and melancholy so unique to the city.

Four years on from 'Some Cities', the ban on filler getting through the studio door is as rigidly enforced as ever, and Doves' mastery of those build-up-then-release arrangements is as precious.

Whether creating their own take on Studio 54-style atmospherics on 'Compulsion', or bringing you deep into your own mind on the ballad 'Kingdom of Rust', Doves have made yet another album where every song is as strong on the one on either side of it.

And the line which sums up all of them? "Your heart's left the ground tonight."

Harry Guerin