Tipped to win the Mercury Music Prize for her debut 'Fur and Gold' in 2007, Natasha Khan, aka Bat for Lashes, lost out on the night to the Klaxons. For many it will be an even greater travesty if she fails to win this year for 'Two Suns'.

Go behind the scenes on the album Windows, Real, Quicktime.

Here Khan proves she is one of the most unique, exciting and imaginative singers of this generation - her beautiful, soaring vocals taking listeners to very special and strange places in their own heads. Every song is either of the quality of 'What's a Girl to Do' and 'Sad Eyes' from 'Fur and Gold' or surpasses them.

Natasha Khan discusses influences Windows, Real, Quicktime.

This is an album that beautifully blends leftfield cool and mainstream appeal, with Khan as accomplished on piano ballads as she is on the edgier tracks - everything from electro to thundering percussion to country rises up at different times and sounds perfect.

Goosebumps from start to finish.

Harry Guerin

Bat for Lashes Competition Winners: Rory Coen, Galway; Lee Kingcombe, Dublin; Laura Mahon, Dublin; Kym McDonagh, Dublin; Deirdre O'Connor, Galway.

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