Three out of three: a well-received single and EP and now comes the proof that Galway-Dublin quartet Dark Room Notes can sustain the momentum and allure across an entire album.

With 'We Love You Dark Matter', they have made one of those records for savouring when daylight disappears - songs for when you're going out and others for when brooding is the priority. It's piled high with synths and effects, but, unlike many, DRN never forget about the hooks.

And to show just how high confidence is - rightly - they've put the single, 'Let's Light Fires', as the penultimate track and saved the best one, 'Treetops', until last. Bass led, with xylophone and well-timed use of Afrobeat-style guitar, it shows they can take their sound in any direction they desire.

After this, four out of four seems like the safest of bets.

Harry Guerin