The opening track as a statement... you can put a thousand albums between your ears and it still never ceases to amaze just how powerful it can be when done right. White Lies are the school band who stayed together long enough to learn that lesson - and more besides.

From 'Death' through to closer 'The Price of Love', they show themselves to be a trio determined to put drama into their music, constantly seeking anthems and in thrall to the doomy sound of a decade they were barely on the planet for: the 1980s. At the moment there is more of their influences than there is of themselves, but their potential is as big as some of the choruses. And anyone who likes strings, rumbling bass, a decent drum sound and a singer-guitarist with good pipes and nice riffs will find 'new' haunts very quickly.

Given that they had to write half the songs against the clock and the results sound so complete, it'll be very interesting to see just where their imaginations take them with a bit more time to spare. Until then, be prepared to hear a lot of this record.

Harry Guerin