They're showing no signs of slowing down, and why would they? Girls Aloud have firmly established themselves as party pop ambassadors. Who even remembers that they were built on a reality television show at this stage? What does stick in our heads are their tracks. Time and time again they bring us the type of fun music that is infectious and has that ability to populate dance floors. And 'Out of Control' is no exception.

From the chart-topping 'The Promise', undoubtedly the standout track of the album, to the variations of musical style that we find on 'Fix Me Up' and 'Turn to Stone', this album isn't just more of the same from Girls Aloud. Sure, there are the cheesier slow, melodic offerings (like 'The Loving Kind' and 'Rolling Back The Rivers In Time') and the usual edgy floor fillers (like 'Revolution in the Head'), but the girls also play around with their sound a bit too, resulting in some great, and quite quirky, dance tracks, that give the album enough variety to keep it interesting.

If you're looking for a party tune to gear you up for your girlie night out, or a soppy track to soundtrack your broken heart, or even a peppy dance-beat to kick off your new fitness routine, you will find them all here. You'll be singing along to most of the tracks from the first listen onwards.

Linda McGee