Stuck in a rut? Try listening to Pony Club's 'To Tell the Truth' for a few days, a scarily accurate description of life on the long finger ("I'm still laughing at my own jokes. I'm still annoying girls in nightclubs. I'm still worrying about what other people think of me. I'm still smoking and eating the same food") that could soundtrack many a Saturday night to Monday morning.

It's just one of the funny and sad, tender and scathing moments on 'Post Romantic', an album which looks at relationships, ageing and regret with the same restraint that Lemmy approaches microphones.

Four years have passed since we last heard from mainman Mark Cullen and co, but domesticity has inspired some of his richest lyrics to date - hum along and then shudder as you see you or yours in a verse.

This is pop with some nicely crafted guff which you can use for time-is-now motivation or smart ass inspiration. And Cullen, a man who does better 'Blue Ice' than Derek Zoolander in his press shots, has plenty to smile about.

Harry Guerin