After what was a cracking debut album that established him as oozing potential, James Morrison casts away all suggestions of the difficult second album with 'Songs for You, Truths for Me'.

Maintaining his distinctive soulful edge throughout, Morrison also brings something new to this album. It's more upbeat, more catchy and more varied than its predecessor, and makes for really addictive listening. In fact, getting past the first few songs is a chore in itself, but when you do it's worth it.

With collaborations from Nelly Furtado (dueting on 'Broken Strings') and One Republic's Ryan Tedder (on songwriting for 'Please Don't Stop the Rain'), 'Song For You, Truths For Me' has a stamp of approval from peers that cannot be overlooked.

Track after track here, this album gets under your skin. It's moody and dark in places ('If You Don't Wanna Love Me'), vibrant and engulfing elsewhere ('The Only Night' and 'Save Yourself') and also genuinely touching in parts ('Love is Hard' and 'You Make It Real').

Following up a debut album that is well-received is difficult but if Morrison felt pressure or struggled with this, then it's never evident. The finished product feels like a really natural journey for the singer and makes for just as pleasant an experience for the listener.

Linda McGee