It’s time to face facts. Oasis will never be the standard bearers for a generation again, there’s isn't going to be a ‘return to form’, and Bonehead won't be coming back either.

That’s tough for some people to admit. Well, it is for me.



Is ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ any good? On the one hand, it proves that Oasis can still make a functionally pleasing chug-rocking noise with the best of them. The sound is tight and the Liam and Noel’s vocals are as good as ever.

But this also has the great Oasis flaws - plodding pace and the most banal rhyming dictionary lyrics - in abundancem, while the tunes also lack that bit of magic that Noel at his best seemed able to generate on a whim.

There’s more than one monotonous slab of snore- rock on here.

Worst of all is 'The Nature of Reality', which wins the absurd lyric prize (well done to bassist Andy Bell; that’s no mean feat on a Gallagher album) and isn’t much of a song otherwise either.

Liam's ‘I’m out of Time’ has been described as a decent ballad by some but, for me, sugary lyrics and a trite chord structure do not a great song make. When Noel did the great big sentimental ballads, you felt as though he was tapping into something heartfelt. It could get a little slushy, but he meant it.

There are some good moments. ‘Falling Down’, with Noel on vocals, is sophisticated and likeable; ‘Waiting for the Rapture’ is pleasingly energetic, and there’s even a nice little old school Noel Gallagher gem in here in the shape of ‘(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady’. Like some of his best oddities from earlier albums, it sounds like it was written in five minutes flat but works anyway.

Sadly, Noel Gallagher’s ability to write classic ballads and brilliant rock songs with mass appeal left him long ago, but he can still knock out a fairly decent rock ’n’ roll tune and that’s mostly what the best bits of ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ are.

Basically, there’s a few decent ‘C’ to ‘B-‘ grade Oasis tracks on here, along with some duds.

Brendan Cole