Stylus to speaker, speaker to ear, ear to heart... it's a magic that means more the older you get and the more you hear. And it's a magic that lasts on 'OH (Ohio)' for a full 50 minutes.

Ten albums in to Lambchop's quirky odyssey, mainman Kurt Wagner continues to surprise at the mixing desk of your emotions and this beautifully atmospheric record is arguably the best thing he's ever done. "I'm not so well acquainted with the topography of your mind," he sings on 'Slipped Dissolved and Loosed', but any lover of slow, wistful songs will smile sweetly in disagreement.

In these stories of everyday life, jumbled up longing, nature and the wonder therein, every instrument adds to the unfolding narrative - what you notice on one occasion may be replaced by something else on the next - and the players are all superb.

Like old favourites, this is one you'll fall for the look, smell and feel of as much as the sound. You'll want to hug it, and them.

Harry Guerin