The Blizzards' debut 'A Public Display of Affection' had some moments, but the feeling that they'd made an album too soon was also part of the listening experience and stuck as much as the chorus to 'Fantasy'. 'Domino Effect' is smarter, more satisfying and shows a band trying to deepen their knowledge as songwriters and willing to take risks - there's party music and more besides.

For those who've clocked up the years with Two-Tone, ska and the catchier end of US punk, the quintet may previously have sounded like they had a lot of catching up to do, but here on 'Trust Me I'm A Doctor', the title track and 'Three Cheers for Modern Medicine' they enhance their singles credentials and get three crowd anthems to make others jealous.

Elsewhere, you'll hear a growing sense of wistfulness on 'Buy It Sell It' and 'Postcards' and while closing ballad 'Time to Decide' says they've a bit to do in the lighters/mobile phones aloft stakes, there's enough here to suggest that The Blizzards could achieve something in the future that very few can manage these days: go down different paths without losing anyone along the way.

Harry Guerin