If you've found yourself spending longer and longer fawning over 1980s pop videos on YouTube, then - depending on how bad you've got it - Land Lovers may be a more rewarding way to spend that time.

The debut album by Dublin's Padraig Cooney, 'Romance Romance' packs a sizeable nostalgia fix for those looking to two decades ago and beyond, but also has enough to suggest that Cooney will be an even better songwriter as those years fade even further in the rearview.

Right now he can offer a short, catchy and witty ("17 and healthy" seminary students write to the NME on 'No 1 Communique', the characters on 'Modern Romance' "meet on really good terms, straight to the matter of swapping germs") album with plenty of DIY charm (recording locations: "two bedrooms, one living room and one hallway") and sweet guitars.

It'll make you wonder how many other people's stuff you're missing out on, and happy that there's one name to cross off the list.

Harry Guerin