Three years after the instrument mangling of 'We Are the Way Forward', noise rock's version of 'The Odd Couple' return catchier, but not quieter.

While the power summoned by singer-guitarist Steve and drummer Keith was always attractive, they now have better songs to lure people in too. 

As 'Welcome to the Cusp' shows on a number of occasions, the duo have gone further to create an identity away from the bands that have influenced them, resulting in music which is immediate and memorable.

In the mellow-meets-metal of 'Brittle Bones' and the singalong 'Borrowed Time' they have two tracks which would make a perfect 7" in any collection, with the poppy 'A Laugh' and frenetic 'Giveamanakick Are Dead Meat' also worthy of that accolade.

Near the close you may find your attention starting to wander - but only back to what you've already heard. They have a great record in them, you'll be certain after hearing this.

Harry Guerin