"It's that sad song on the line, that cuts right through your ribcage and gets stuck inside." One of those lyrics that says everything a review tries to.

After the success of her debut 'Night on My Side' and the lows of its follow-up 'The Roads Don't Love You', Gemma Hayes answers the 'what happened to's?' with this short and delicate album which deepens her appeal and says that 2005 was just a pothole in a long musical journey.

Two of the best things she's written are here: 'This Is What You Do' could coax anyone away from their favourite love song and the up-tempo 'Out of Our Hands' offers freedom in a chorus.

As an acoustic guitarist Hayes excels throughout and the patience she showed with herself deserves to be matched by the time you spend with these 10 tracks. Not a moment was or will be wasted.

Harry Guerin