It's unusual for a new album to produce the pangs of nostalgia before the music even starts, but when you hear the tape going into the cassette deck at the start of 'White Wonder', it takes you back.

As does Crayonsmith's music from time to time - here the lo-fi of their debut is mixed with a more polished keyboard and guitar sound that brings up memories of cover flexis with Melody Maker and NME.

The bittersweet dominates, and on 'Bad Days Move On' and '6AM' the intoxication is instant. Elsewhere the feeling that the record is a bit too long won't last and admiration grows.

For those who are a bit disillusioned with what they're putting between their ears of late, frontman Ciarán Smith could really live up to his cover star image as the knight in shining armour.

Harry Guerin