A collaboration with fashion designer Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme in 2007 and purple and gold outfits on stage... from the press it would be all too easy for some grumblers to dub These New Puritans The Emperor's New Clothes and retreat to the post-punk milestones to hear how it really should be done.

But such a write-off would be an opportunity missed: while the four 19-year-olds may be the latest post-Christmas excitement band, their debut album has some great moments and a real appreciation of the dynamics of the art form.

Singer Jack Barnett, his twin brother drummer George, bassist Thomas Hein and synth and samples colleague Sophie Sleigh-Johnson mix genres here without leaving you worried that the kitchen sink might make an appearance on the next track - their creation could appeal as much to the fan of US label Dischord as those who stockpile electronica.

And what's most refreshing amidst all the shape throwing is that the quartet can write catchy songs too if they're in the humour, as one listen to 'Numerology (AKA Numbers)', 'Colours' and 'Navigate - Colours' will attest.

The years should prove kind to These New Puritans: they have a lot of ideas, they spark off each other in style and while their sound is quite grey at the moment, it's never dull.

Harry Guerin