In an ever more hectic age of here-this-morning-gone-lunchtime bands and records, it's good to see that some people still don't buy into rush-rush being the only way. Almost four years after Carlow's 79Cortinaz brought out their excellent single 'Deirdre's Song', they've released their debut album.

Taking things slow has done much for the quartet: while the charms of 'Deirdre's Song' shine as bright as ever, there are even better songs here.

'Drive Me Home', 'She's Awake' and 'Nowhere to Go' show how good main songwriters Gala Hutton and Cormac Strain are at melancholy and closer 'Snowsmoke Serenade' their prowess at dreamy, cinematic ballads. There are plenty of upbeat tracks too, and the production from Damned drummer Rat Scabies captures a back room ambience without ever sounding cheap.

You won't regret any headphone hours spent here.

Harry Guerin