'Wolves', the brilliant, life-affirming stomp from Ritter's 2006 album 'The Animal Years', sounded so good because it stood out so much from the downbeat feel which predominated. It's a song which really should have been on 'The Historical Conquests of', a collection where Ritter romps through stories of love and passion. 

While he doesn't cover Shabba Ranks' 'Mr Loverman', the tone is far lighter than 'The Animal Years' and the cockiness and cheeriness suits Ritter just as much as his more intense material.

But just as 'Wolves' belonged here, there are also songs which should have travelled in the other direction. On 'The Temptation of Adam', 'Wait for Love', 'Moons' and 'Still Beating', Ritter sabotages his own momentum and the mood he's set. They're all fine songs, but they belong on a different record. Skip them and you've an album that could cheer anyone up.

Harry Guerin