While some count down the days to the album sales equivalent of the Ice Age, Ireland's love of a chorus was once again demonstrated by the popularity of Casey's last record 'Living' (250,000 copies sold and counting). 'Addicted to Company Pt 1' will once again keep the number crunchers happy - whether it will win over those who haven't fallen for Casey already is far less certain.

Recorded with acclaimed producer George Drakoulias, it finds Casey adhering to his upbeat/downbeat mix, but the feeling persists that he's made his sound far more polished than it needs to be.

As the man who worked on The Black Crowes' classic 'The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion', Drakoulias has shown how affecting a grittier, live sound can be, and it would've been interesting to hear Casey take more risks at the control desk - especially when the more adventurous sounding 'City' and 'Not Out to Get You' scream out for such an approach.

Against that, as decent daytime radio goes, Casey can consider this mission accomplished. The title track and 'I Keep' rank with any of his other anthems, and while he really needs to work on his obsession with trying to rhyme nearly everything, there's more to hum here than grumble about.

Harry Guerin