Bell X1 guitarist Geraghty's appearances centre stage with the band have been all too brief, but 'Kill Your Darlings' shows that he and frontman Paul Noonan should do a Hüsker Dü and split the vocals 50/50 on their next album. Bluntly put, some of these songs are better than those that have appeared on Bell X1's records.

Whether it's the jazzy allure of 'Delgadina' or the 'Nebraska'-sounding 'Cracked Skull', Geraghty shows he's a master of atmospherics, his take on the downbeat intoxicating throughout. With the exception of recent single 'Fear the Hitcher' and the piano-driven 'Kaleidoscope', 'Kill Your Darlings' avoids the uptempo - if you're a fan of slow songs, you'll be in no hurry to go anywhere else. 

As a CV for Geraghty's talents recording, arranging and producing, this is top-of-the-pile stuff. But it also highlights the talents of those backing him - the musicianship is excellent, while the vocals of Claire Finglass say that she should go back into the studio with her own songs as soon as possible.

A striking debut and one that deserves to give Geraghty an audience far beyond his day job.

Harry Guerin