One of the great namedrop bands of recent times, Rilo Kiley's tenure as an under-the-radar act comes to an end with the release of 'Under the Blacklight', a contender for the most enjoyable album of the year.

Returning to the Los Angeles outfit after experiencing solo success with 2006's 'Rabbit Fur Coat', singer and chief songwriter Jenny Lewis, together with bandmates Blake Sennett, Pierre de Reeder and Jason Boesel, have created a record whose style-hopping is thrilling - it references the best of different decades and makes you wish they could devote more time to each of them in the future.

Whether it's summoning up the magic of British sounds of the 1980s on 'Close Call' or turning country on 'The Angels Hung Around' and '15', the music and Lewis' vocals are a joy throughout. The only major disappointment here is that Sennett doesn't have more to sing on, given that the disco of his 'Dreamworld' is the most magical moment. 

Watson & Co recorded 20 songs for '...Blacklight'; the first time you hear it you'll be itching with impatience to hear the rest of them. And you may feel guilty that you're listening on CD, not vinyl.

Harry Guerin

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