While their lack of imagination with their name may be enough to put some Irish music fans off, the hyped-to-infinity New Young Pony Club have come up with a credible debut.

There's nothing revolutionary about their dredging of 1980s grooves but 'Fantastic Playroom' is interesting from start to finish and showcases a group who can get people on the dancefloor.

Commendably, it's not a record built around three singles and little else - all the songs here are strong and have a cool that transcends the sometimes deadpan vocals of Tahita Bulmer.

But as she shows on the closing track, 'Tight Fit', she has more range than you previously gave her credit for and could really surprise people on the band's follow-up.

Until then, there's plenty here for people to enjoy - even if they still can't get over the moniker.

Harry Guerin

To buy 'Fantastic Playroom' from the RTÉ eshop click here.