Adams' Luas-like approach to releasing albums - don't worry if you miss this one, there'll be another along soon - has shown time and time again just how gifted a songwriter he is. But by putting out nine albums in seven years, with some better than others, there's the danger that volume could lead to indifference. It would be a shame if people missed out on 'Easy Tiger', as it shows Adams at his best.

Continuing the country sound of 2005's 'Jacksonville City Nights' and 'Cold Roses' and mixing it with more introspective material, 'Easy Tiger' sometimes finds Adams sounding older than his years and, it seems, aiming for an older audience. While every song doesn't hit as forcefully as 'Halloween Head' or 'Off Broadway', the playing is brilliant throughout and you'll spend plenty of this record imagining just how good it would be live.

The man who recently released a promotional compilation called 'Keep Me in Your Thoughts' has found some great ways here to make sure that happens.

Harry Guerin

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