Ash's decision to only release singles in the future is another example of just how devalued the album has become. Given their decade-plus talent with that shorter format, and the perception of many that it's what they're best at, Ash could conceivably become even bigger. But for the end of this era, 'Twilight of the Innocents' is a decent send-off.

Now back to a three-piece following the departure of guitarist Charlotte Hatherley, the long goodbye finds frontman Tim Wheeler handling production duties and doing a superb job. The best moments on 'Twilight of the Innocents', 'I Started a Fire' and 'Shadows', rank with anything Ash have come up with in the past.

While every track isn't as strong as those two - big ballad 'Polaris' panders too much to the emo crowd and 'End of the World' and 'Blacklisted' owe too much to Weezer and the Pixies respectively - this record is never hard work. The longer you listen the more poignant it becomes, but don't lose too much heart: whatever way technology goes in the future, it can't boss Wheeler & Co's way with a singalong.

Harry Guerin 

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