'We Are the Night' is The Chemical Brothers' sixth album, and 12 years on from their debut, 'Exit Planet Dust', they're still coming up with fresh ideas. The album is a mixed bag of unlikely collaborators and sounds, but they carry it off with style.

The album title track is sparkly, rhythmic and melodic, featuring euphoric build-ups and breakdowns that The Chemical Brothers do so well. Next up is the Klaxons collaboration 'All Rights Reversed', a pounding, psychedelic melding of both their musical styles.

'Saturate' is a pleasantly minimal offering, as melodically driven synths explode into a joyful distorted bass line and frenzied drum rolls. More danceable is lead single 'Do It Again', which speeds the pace up again. Featuring hotly tipped London musician Ali Love, it's sure to be a massive dancefloor hit. With irresistibly cheesy vocals, a bouncy hook and robotic rhythm, it is certain to inspire much body popping.

The instrumental 'Das Spiegel' shows that they fare just as well on their own as with collaborators. It is a beautiful piece of poppy synth-led electro, featuring a wonderfully used sample of a baby gurgling.

From there, things take a turn for the ridiculous, with novelty track 'The Salmon Dance', which is a lesson in, well, dancing like a salmon. Rapper Fatlip from The Pharcyde delivers the song in appropriate tongue-in-cheek style, and the retro sounding synths bring it all together. Just goes to show that The Chemical Brothers don't take themselves too seriously.  

'Burst Generator' is a more typical offering, a relentless beat and ominous vocals create a layered spacey anthem that may not be crossing new ground, but still has its charms. 'A Modern Midnight Conversation', with its old school hip-hop beat, eerie folksy vocals and cowbells is much more novel, and somewhat reminiscent of the 'Ghostbusters' theme tune, which is never a bad thing.

Closing track 'The Pills Won't Help You Now', featuring Texan rock band Midlake, is the most emotionally arresting track on 'We Are the Night'. It is a soothing close to the album that proves The Chemical Brothers are committed to not repeating themselves.

Sarah McIntyre

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