Championed by over-excitable indie jocks and carried into the country on a wave of hype created by those other Brazilian popsters CSS, this Bonde Do Role debut has been widely anticipated, if only to see what all the giddy fuss is about.

Bonde Do Role make songs about partying, behaving badly, queuing at the post office, secret agents and general silliness.

Unlike CSS, these kids sing in Portuguese and if you can speak the language apparently their lyrics turn the air a nice shade of blue.

DJ Rodrigo Gorky is undoubtedly clever with his use of sound, with kazoos, 1980s synthesisers, and drum machines punctured by electric guitar, all over the backdrop of baile funk, the beats currently booming out of Rio.

Their manifesto is to update the 1960s Tropicana movement for today's hipsters. On paper it looks good. And single 'Solta O Frango' whetted the appetite with its sunny and infectious sound. Also likeable are 'Office Boy' and 'Quero Ta Amar'.

However, over the course of an album, albeit a brief one at only 30 minutes, the novelty wears a little thin. And the shouty vocals make your head ache a tad.

Their sense of fun is a refreshing thing in a musical realm that takes itself much too seriously most of the time and their throwaway tunes will soundtrack many a summer party. But 'Bonde Do Role with Lasers' is not the second coming that some might have you believe.

Anne-Louise Foley

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