Now on their own label after parting company with Island Records, Bell X1 have come up with probably the best way to close one chapter of their career and open another.

Recorded at their sell-out Dublin show on 1 December 2006, 'Tour de Flock' is as slick a live DVD/CD package as any band could wish for.

And the mystery of why Bell X1's 'Music in Mouth' and 'Flock' weren't bigger albums outside of Ireland only grows when you see/hear some of these live songs, in particular opener 'My First Born for a Song', 'Eve, the Apple of My Eye', 'Alphabet Soup' (no CD version sadly) and 'Tongue'.

Some outfits have the ability to shrink any venue down to a size to suit the song and there are times here when the Point seems too big a location - a feeling only highlighted by the great DVD version of The Cake Sale's 'Some Surprise' from the more intimate Savoy in Cork.

That said, if you were at the show in Dublin you're unlikely to take heed of someone who wasn't. Rightly so.

Harry Guerin