After three albums, different labels, the exit and return of drummer Nick Jago and a penchant for breaking the speed limit while travelling in the direction of self-parody, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have made the triumph of their career.

Having spent too much time in the past in thrall to the works of others, frontman Peter Hayes, bassist Robert Been and Jago now have something that's the equal of their inspirations and a collection of songs to really swagger about. Whereas 2005's acoustic-based 'Howl' showed that BRMC still had something to offer, for 'Baby 81' they've built a wall of amps to show just how much. The results are startling.

Brimming with addictive riffs and choruses, the trio remind you of just how many over-hyped and so-so rock records are out there today. This one had little in the way of fanfare - and for some even less expectation - and will be savoured and shared far longer than any of them. 

There won't be a better comeback this year.

Harry Guerin

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