Canadian singer Leslie Feist was responsible for some of 2004's best music - through her two show-stealing guest appearances with Kings of Convenience on 'Riot on an Empty Street' and then on her own album, 'Now Let It Die'.

While not a household name - yet - in the three years since then Feist's popularity has rocketed and, while you may think you haven't heard her, chances are you're more aware of her music than you know, thanks to its use in various ads and TV shows.

So 'The Reminder' arrives with the expectation that it will push Feist into the big time, and even the most precious and clingy fan would agree that what she's done here deserves to be in as many homes as possible.

Feist's vocals are stunning throughout - whether she's diving into your soul on the acoustic ballad 'Intuition' or hitting the dancefloor with 'My Moon, My Man', one of the sexiest songs in years. This is a record with something for every mood but which also has the ability to change the one you're in - quirky and direct, instant and slow-burning all at once

As for the title, well, there's no chance of you forgetting.

Harry Guerin

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