After five acclaimed studio albums - all as important in the evolution of the band as each other - Wilco mainman Jeff Tweedy says that, "In a lot of ways, 'Sky Blue Sky' is our first record." And it's good enough to allow Wilco the best of both worlds: they won't lose any existing fans and are going to gain a lot of new ones. Maybe even their parents too.

The reasons for Tweedy's assertion are that 'Sky Blue Sly' marks the debuts of guitarist Nels Cline and multi-instrumentalist Pat Sansone and finds the band moving into the future by going back to the past.

Stripped of computer-based recording techniques, it's a collection that's steeped in the classic sounds of the 1970s and the looser, live feel of that era - an approach which yields two of Tweedy's greatest songs in 'Impossible Germany' and the title track.

Throughout the energy of the sextet is infectious and with every listen you'll become more convinced that the best way to enjoy these songs is on vinyl with a dog-eared sleeve in your hands.

It's some debut.

Harry Guerin

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