In the three years since the release of their EP 'Nothing Stays in Place', Dry County recorded the majority of their debut album -and then decided to throw most of it away and start again.

It says much about the strength of their material and quality control that, after spending time with 'Unexpected Falls', you'd like to hear all those songs that didn't make the grade.

Finding warm territories where electro and guitars can co-exist, the Dublin-based quartet convince as much on the high energy tracks as they do on the dreamier songs.

With so many layers of sound there's much here to investigate but the risk of getting lost is minimal, thanks to the anchoring of tracks to vocals and the band's ability to get ideas across concisely.

By the close you'll be convinced of two things: their crossover appeal could be immense and that no matter how intriguing this record is through headphones, it would make even more sense live.

Harry Guerin