Now on her sixth album, Laura Veirs continues to be one of the most enigmatic talents on the US singer-songwriter scene, fascinating with both her guitar style and nature-driven lyrics.

Having expanded her sound on 2005's 'Year of Meteors', Veirs pushes herself even further here: 'Saltbreakers' is her most diverse yet also most accessible album.

One of that ever decreasing group that can draw you back to a lyric sheet again and again, Veirs journeys through styles and doesn't lose her way. Here the rocky 'Phantom Mountain', the quirky pop of 'Don't Lose Yourself', the country of 'To the Cowboy' and the brooding 'Ocean Night Song' all co-exist. She's also one of that even smaller group that tries to make every song as distinctive as possible.

And on a record that's concerned with the life aquatic, you won't have to dive too deep to find treasure.

Harry Guerin