The inlay photo for Jenny Lindfors' album shows the singer lying on a couch, with a poster of Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant in his heyday in the background. It's a testament to the 21-year-old's skills as a songwriter that her work wouldn't seem out of place back then, a time when music meant more.

This a record whose appeal is captured in the title, it's a low-key collection based around acoustic guitars and one which shows that Lindfors knows plenty about creating atmosphere with her mix of folk and roots.

While there's a need for her to make more use of uptempo arrangements - used so successfully on 'Time Warp' and the best track '2 x 1' - Lindfors' voice is difficult to stray too far from. By the close you want to hear more - and what she'd do with an electric sound.

A fine debut.

Harry Guerin